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At the perfect wave, we believe that the surf holidays that we put together and run are a truly unique experience and instead of being a "surf travel company" we like to think of ourselves as the only "Surf Experience company". That is why we continuly pioneer the  surf experiences that are now widely used across the industry. Here at the Perfect Wave we have created such experinces that ensure that not only are your surf holidays remembered forever but they change and enhance your life.

Surf Photography Experiences - The Perfect wave has teamed up with the best surf photographers in the country and put together photography package experiences, where you get have your entire trip captured for life by your favorite photographer.
Surf with a Living Legend - Well, The Perfect Wave Surf Experience have proudly aligned with three absolute legends of our sport/lifestyle to offer you a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity to travel, surf, and learn from 1978 World Surfing champion Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew, 1988 World Surfing champion Barton Lynch and shortboard revolutionary and pioneer Bob McTavish
Surf with your Hero - We have proudly aligned with three absolute counter culture heroes of our sport/lifestyle to offer you a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel, surf, and learn from Newcastle’s rock‘n'roll rebel and power hacker Matt Hoy, Ry Craike aka "The Kalbarri Kid" or 2009 ASP World Longboard Champion Harley Ingleby. You can join ASP surfer Adam Melling is off to the Mentawai or SUP World Champ Colin McPhillips is going to the Maldives.
All Girl Surf Trips - We have teamed up with our favourite operators to bring surfer girls tailored surf experiences - to take you to tropical, beautiful places with good surf at the right time. Stay at a beautiful resort and enjoy lots of other extra activities lige yoga or snorkelling - or join a surf boat charter and maximize your surf time and take advantage of experienced surf guide to show you the best spots... the choice is entirely up to you! ASP surfer Rebecca Woods runs some of these trips so that you can also receive expert coaching and tuition while on holiday.
Health & Fitness Holidays - Surf.. Sun.. Fitness and FUN! Ever wanted to go away to a tropical location? Where each day starts with a walk or run along the beach at sunrise; training in pilates, boxing, circuit and resistance training and then sunbaking, learning to surf or shopping in the afternoons? Get Fit in Bali' is sure to be one of the best weeks of the year in your training calendar



New Surf Frontier Exploration in Pacific

with Saltmotion photography -- on board PNG Explorer

Whilst the exact location of where this trip will be going is being kept a closely guarded secret we can tell you that it is an equatorial region in the South Pacific made up of nearly a thousand islands. The islands range from thick impenetrable jungle to tiny coral islets with a myriad of reef passes and coral atolls to explore.

The entire area is virtually untouched by the surfing world. While we have heard whispers from intrepid sailors of perfect waves and pristine waters we are yet to visit the area ourselves. So how do we know there are waves there? Over the last few years we have done a lot of research on the area, monitored swell and wind information and studied the charts. We were also fortunate enough to talk to an intrepid Australian traveller who managed to reach part of the island a few years back, his reports were that he saw perfect waves everywhere, he just didn’t have any boards with him!

So if you want to be part of surfing history and in years to come own the story “I was one of the first people to ever surf there” then this trip is for you.

The area we are heading to will pick up the same fantastic Autumn swells that hit places like Fiji. These swells originate in the Southern Ocean and have a long way to travel before they reach the exploratory region so, like Fiji they should be groomed to perfection by the time they arrive.

Water temperatures are expected to be in the 26-30 degree Celsius range and air temperatures the same. Evening temperatures can drop to the low 20’s. Expect high humidity and tropical sunshine.

Surfing the equatorial regions of PNG and the South Pacific can deliver a huge range of waves. From the most perfect barrels to reeling points and postcard perfect reef breaks other areas visited in the past have delivered it all. Given the nature of the trip, being an exploration, we are not 100% sure what we will find. If history is any guide and the experience of the crew anything to go by there will be some jewels to add to surfing’s crown on this trip!

Surfers need to be competent to take on reef breaks but not expert. If you are comfortable surfing places like Indonesia, Fiji or the Maldives then you will be well suited to this trip. If you are a pro surfer who wants to push the limits I am hoping we can discover something to put your skills to the test.

 Our Euro Directors Suzi Allen and Barry Teeling on a Maldives boat trip 2012! There are some nice perks working at TPW!

Suz and BT 1

Our Euro Managing Director Barry Teeling (left) with the great Gerry Lopez and Jamie Gray the founder of The Perfect Wave (right)

Gerry Lopez 1

  MG 2285


The Perfect Travel Group was founded by Jamie Gray and Rhonda Burton in January 2007. Jamie’s 15 years experience working in the hospitality & tourism industry and Rhonda’s 8 years at Flight Centre in management roles, plus their 17 years each of travelling experiences and Jamie’s immense love and addiction to surfing and skiing, gave the businesses all the knowledge required to be a success from day 1.

The Perfect Wave’s first office was a pokey little spare room under Jamie’s house in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, furnished with desks, chairs and cabinets that were being thrown out by Rhonda’s old Flight Centre store in a renovation. Today, the Australian Headquarters are still in our beloved Northern Beaches, but are now a 2 storey Surf Experience HQ with couches and flat screen TV to go through surf holidays with welcome clients, and office space for our passionate and dedicated team of 16.

Fast forward 7 years and having partnered with Barry Teeling, a passionate surfer, traveller and property professional in 2010, the vision was set to grow the business to be the largest surf travel company in the world and build the operations arm of the company. Having offices in Australia, Europe, Japan, New Zealand, The Maldives and Indonesia with other offices to open in late 2014 in the USA and South Africa, we have already have achieved many goals. Our goals were built on one major philosophy - create raving loyal fans.

With staff in excess of 30 servicing thousands of happy clients, we strive every day to create new and exciting surf experiences that give our clients something more than just a holiday or surf trip... experiences that have the potential to be life-changing. We have also invented the first ever surfer rewards program – Perfection Pass - to reward our repeat clients, and give something back for every trip you do.

The company has moved into operations in 2009 in the Maldives with a partnership with long time operator Brian James and Core Travel with a view to extending the service level to client’s entire holidays completing the value chain. We have already built the Maldives operation to one of the largest in the country with 4 full time charter boats, the first surf camp in the Maldives and resort surf programs. As the sales agent and the operator, we will ensure our clients are for life - not just for one holiday.

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